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Birth Control Specialist

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Finding the right kind of birth control can be confusing as there are myriad options. As an OBGYN in the South Chicago, IL area that has prescribed birth control for numerous women, Women's Health Group can help find the perfect contraception treatment plan for anyone.

Birth Control

What Are the Different Kinds of Birth Control?

There are many different kinds of birth control, all with various amounts of effectiveness and side effects. Some of the more popular methods include condoms, birth control pills and patches, vaginal rings and diaphragms, hormonal IUD, and female condoms.

More permanent options for birth control include a vasectomy or tubal sterilization, both of which render the patient unable to produce children. Some patients practice withdrawal, which is pulling out before ejaculation, though this is not an effective method and should be avoided entirely. The best method of birth control is complete abstinence.

What Are Some Reasons for Wanting Birth Control?

The most obvious reason for birth control is to prevent pregnancy from sexual intercourse. However, over half women take birth control pills for other reasons. These can include regulating periods that are out of sync or reducing the number of periods per year. Many women choose birth control to help them manage the symptoms of their period, as it can make periods lighter, reduce cramps, stop migraines, and stop acne or hair growth.

How Effective Is Birth Control?

No method of birth control is always 100 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. Typically, the most effective method is a contraceptive implant, which reduces the risk of pregnancy down to 0.05 percent. The next best thing is total sterilization, which reduces the chance of pregnancy down to 0.1 percent for males and 0.5 percent for females.

The more commonly used combination pills, patches, hormonal IUDs, and vaginal rings are the next best methods, reducing the chances of pregnancy to 0.3 percent. Overall, the worst method of birth control is withdrawing during intercourse, with anywhere from a four to 22 percent chance of pregnancy. Women's Health Group works diligently with each patient to identify the most appropriate form of birth control.


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